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Richard Branson Says....

"At Virgin I believe it's my job to make the best possible decisions - and learning from other people's business successes and failures can be an essential part of your own success. Robert's books cover the essential parts of running a business - transforming plans into actions which will turn your business into a powerhouse. Follow the advice and then make your own decisions - after all you're the boss".

The Financial Times called Robert Craven “The Entrepreneurship Guru”, and he has become one of the most authoritative voices on development strategies for independent businesses – businesses large and small that have an entrepreneurial spirit.

He is well known for his books, seminar and conference appearances and broadcast contributions, but what keeps Robert someone to be listened to is his willingness to listen.

All too often “gurus” are permanently on “send”. By contrast, Robert listens and learns. He constantly updates his opinions and strategies – and applies them to challenging new situations.

  • Director of Consulting for five years at the Warwick Business School SME Centre
  • Programme Director of the Warwick Business School  Business Growth programmes for high growth businesses
  • Programme Director of the highly acclaimed Grow with Marketing programme by Warwick Business School and the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Judging panels of Daily Telegraph, Growing Business, and FSB Small Business of the Year
  • Programme Director for Barclays Let’s Talk… More Profit and Bright Marketing programmes delivering seminars to 4,000 small businesses pa
  • Been-there-done-that: Warwick Business School SME Centre responsible for generating and managing a £1 million business; Bath restaurant owner; investor in three start up businesses; founder shareholder of The Directors’ Centre
  • Books include:
    • Kick-Start Your Business  – 100 days to a leaner, fitter organisation “a bible for business  advisers”
    • Bright Marketing – why should people bother to buy from you?
    • Customer Is King – how to exceed their expectations
    • The Start-Up Essays
    • Beating The Credit Crunch

Find out much more at Robert’s own website: www.robertcraven.co.uk

A Taste Of Success

Robert Craven's books hit the nail on the head every time combining extensive academic knowledge and everyday entrepreneurial experience.

They are a great way to get a taste of the "grow your business" expertise, so find out more. Click here to find out more.